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On Tuesday 1st September, the pre-planned and booked game against Yeovil Bowls Club was able to be played. This game, just to remind members, unlike all the other summer season games was never cancelled.

Due to COVID, our club needed to borrow a player from the main club, and as always there was no shortage of volunteers to help us.


Rink 4:

Our treasurer; Ron Homer, together with Simon Penny and Nancy Cheeseman lost 28-8 after some very close ends.

Rink 5:

VI helper Debbie Guppy with Frank Berry plus Pete Colby borrowed from the main club, lost 17-12.

Rink 6:

VI Captain Mo Perry, together with Jo Spence and Billy Duncan lost 22-13 after some well fought ends.


Although the VIs lost on all three rinks, and due to COVID restrictions we couldn’t have our usual cakes and refreshments, everyone had an enjoyable afternoon of bowling and we are grateful to members of the YBSC for fulfilling the fixture. Special mention must go to VI bowlers, Billy and Frank for playing well in what was their first competitive match and YBSC ladies captain Jackie Woods for arranging the match.

V.I.B.E. Nottingham.I.B.C.  February 2020

Representing Yeovil V.I.B.C.

Ron Homer & Maurice (Mo) Perry.


Ron and Mo started this competition full in the knowledge they had it within themselves to win the championship. After an ugly win in the first game (Ron's Quote) they started to put it together and won the second game 17.2 Finishing the first day with a 7.3 win for pair were ready for day two.

Maureen Ryan and David Mears were our pairs first opposition, and Maureen playing very well with great covering play by David saw our pair loose by two shots. Fortunately Ron and Mo had done enough to secure third place, which put them in the trophy group play off.

Ron and Mos first game was against the second placed pairing of Maureen Ryan and David Mears.

With four ends played Ron and Mo were 4.1 down when it was Mos turn. One wood needed to be took out of the head to give them a five shot tally with three woods to play.

The wood was removed cleanly and Mo carried on drawing shot after shot until the marker on his final measure of the head awarded Ron and Mo all eight shots. There was no looking back now for our pair who won convincingly. The next game saw them up against Darron Moon and Winston Healey from Plymouth. With only eight ends played, the session was suspended after Keith Collins collapsed on the next rink and had to be attended to by two ex ambulance drivers until Keith was rushed to hospital. When play restarted Ron and Mo were put to the test, but getting out in front towards the end of the game our pairs experience and knowledge of their opponents method of play was all that was needed to secure another win.

With Keith in hospital and Gareth Harwood his pairs partner with him, the third and final game could not be played. Ron and Mo the only two game winners out of three and were subsequently awarded the championship.

Nottingham ibc were once again excellent hosts and grateful thanks goes to all who volunteered to make the championships playable.

Although Keith spent an extra night in hospital we were very glad to hear he is now feeling much better.

Many congratulations to Ron & Mo


Ron and Mo  are now indoor pairs and outdoor pairs champions.

Along with Geoff Wherry they are also the current outdoor triples champions.

Thank you to Mo Perry for report & picture.

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